Hello, my name is Braydon. Firstly, I am a lover of design and photography. It all started with a passion for visuals that express captivating stories, and I've spent my whole professional life developing this craft.

My journey into the field of visual storytelling has been quite an adventure, coming from the beautiful town of Pocatello, Idaho. This love I've developed over the years has been directed into both my academic studies and numerous personal projects. My college studies took me to Arizona State University, where I received a degree in Graphic Information Technology. This educational background has greatly influenced my creative skills and my approach to design.

Aside from design, I work as a Shift Supervisor for Starbucks. I've learnt a lot about motivating a team to have a goal-oriented perspective during the many years I've worked there. I believe that providing people with the necessary tools and support will allow them to reach their maximum potential. If I apply these skills to the field of design, I believe I would be a valued member of a team who can help to promote an environment in which members of that team feel included and motivated to achieve a common goal, while maintaining a thirst to learn new skills and perspectives.
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